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Feeding Goats Tricker than Many Expect

For goats to remain healthy, it is important to provide them with quality food that they enjoy. It also is important to understand how goats digest food. As ruminants, goats have a four-compartment stomach designed for digesting browse or hay. Unlike many other grazing species, goats can readily digest cellulose, the fibrous part of plant material. They also prefer browse – such as brush, twigs and weeds – to tender grass.

Is Forage to Blame for the Rise in Equine Obesity?

Today, approximately one in five horses in the United States is at risk from complications stemming from obesity. While multiple factors contribute to obesity in horses, the culprit at the heart of most of these factors is urbanization. Urbanization in horses has led to more confinement, less exercise and higher planes of nutrition.

Caring for Horses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

One source of uncertainty for livestock owners during COVID-19 is whether or not the virus poses a risk to animals, including caring for horses. With this in mind, it is important that horse owners be aware of possible health risks associated with the coronavirus and act accordingly.