goat feeder

Goat Hay Feeders

 Manufactured by Riverside Feeders, Inc.

  • Model: EZ Slide

  • Farmers Save 30% per Bale!

  • 35 Head of Sheep or Goats per Feeder


  • Reduced Death Loss
  • Saves Hay
  • Bale Elevated—No Spoilage Stable Feeder
  • No Dangerous Points or Positions
  • Saves Labor as Hay Self Advances


  • Goats Don’t Get In
  • Doesn’t Tip Over
  • Heavy Construction
  • Narrow Slots Limit Feed


“Using the slide feeder allows me to set the bale on it and it will continuously slide down as the bale gets consumed, saving the trouble of having to pitch forage or adjusting panels so the goats have access 24/7. The unique design greatly reduces the risk of stuck horns as well. The feeder saves both labor as stated and $$$ as it has reduced the amount of waste by a minimum of 30 percent. Really love these feeders!”

“I like that the hay is off the ground. Often with spring lambing if it’s been a wet spring, the bale is set on wet ground but not the case with this feeder. The design of the feeders wastes less than my other feeders. After weeks of use, I don’t have to scrape around the feeder whereas I have to with my other one. Also, the feeder is less prone for animal injury. Lambs or ewes would often get stuck in the bottom of my other feeders and with this feeder that simply doesn’t happen. Great feeder and great people to work with.”