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Put the Waist on Your Cow, Not on the Ground

For over 17 years, The Hay Manager has been innovating and improving hay management tools for the farming industry. Besides manufacturing round bale feeders, we also provide tools for pasture improvements and custom design services to help farmers and ranchers fit their operation needs.

Our Products

Cattle Feeders

Our cattle feeders have 99% efficiency, infinite hay restriction with robust strength, and are built with heavy sheet metal that doesn’t break from a bull pushing or bale spear piercing.

Horse Feeders

These feeders are designed to keep your horses safe from sharp edges and allow them to move around and eat the hay evenly, through the toughest bale.

Bale Feeder by the Hay Manager

Sheep Feeders

Our design allows the sheep to reach everything without human intervention. The most common design is 7 feet tall to reduce hay loss and prevent it from falling over the edge.

Goat Feeder by the Hay Manager

Goat Feeder

This design allows for the goats to reach everything without harm to the goats or hay waste. No hay spoilage and saves on labor.


Designed to save the lives of both humans and calves, this product can prevent a hospital visit from an upset cow and keep the calf safe and secure while it gets moved to a proper nursery or warming hut.

Less Waste, Save More

Our well-designed hay feeders are locally designed and created, which makes hay bale feeders more efficient. Based on Michigan State University’s research, our hay feeders designs have proven to have outstanding efficiency. It’s a hay management system that will pay for itself throughout its lifetime.

Hay Saving

Proven outstanding efficiency. Saving your hay, estimated to save 10% more hay per bale.


18 years of testing. Built with a heavy 14 gauge metal-steel sheet that will last.

High Capacity

Handles any size bale with its 6ft-8ft diameter. The strength can handle all weights.

High ROI

100% Return-On-Investment within one year with five or more animals or within 100 days or less with 30 head of cattle.


Competitively priced with other cone-style feeders. Feeders are durable and built to last.

Hay Feeder Design Can spare Nutrients and Lower Feed Costs

by Michigan State University

This study revealed that design features are important in reducing the amount of hay waste associated with feeding in round-bale feeders.

  • 3.5% waste with cone
  • 6.1% waste with ring
  • 11.4% waste with trailer
  • 14.6% waste with cradle

Effect of Hay Feeding Methods on Cow Performance, Hay Waste, and Wintering Cost

by Dickinson Research Extension Center

A conventional method of rolling bales was compared to feeding in a tapered-cone bale feeder.  The tapered-cone bale feeder was found to reduce waste, decrease the amount of hay required per cow and cost per cow, and increase the ending weight, back-fat depth, and body condition score at a decreased use of hay consumption.



“Bought one 5 years ago and later 3 more today. Haven’t done any repairs on them and plan to last 10 more years.”

Boyd G. – Homer, NE

“It saves a lot of hay”, said Flegen, who operates a cow/calf and feedlot operation south of Dell Rapids. “You drop a bale in those feeders and drop a bale in one of Ted’s feeders and you just about want to cry when you walk into the yard later,” Flegen said. “With brand X feeder, a quarter of the bale is on the ground.”

Kevin M. – SD

“They are designed so that anything the cows pull, falls down inside the feeder where they can clean it up,” said Brown, who lives 10 miles west of Dell Rapids. “I recommend them to anyone that wants to save money with the price of feed.”

Eric G. – NE

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