Our History

For over 17 years, our goal at The Hay Manager, LLC. has been to innovate and improve hay management tools to the farming industry. In addition to manufacturing round bale feeders, we also provide mineral feeders, tools for pasture improvements and services for farmers and ranchers across the Midwest. We offer a service to have custom designs or ideas that farmers need to fit their operation.

At the time our invention was created, the principal was to reduce waste from livestock feeders. Over a long period of time, our business developed into manufacturing and moved into helping the needs of local farmers. Cattle have been our main source of customers although various types of feeders and innovations have been researched and produced for other animals such as sheep and bison. Part of our business model is to promote and sell other company’s products.

Headquartered in Trent, South Dakota, our business is a small manufacturing company working to meet the needs and demand of farmers and ranchers for more efficient use of hay. The Hay Manager, LLC. remains a family owned and managed organization that spans two generations of Lacey family members.