Horse Hay Feeder


  • Long narrow openings to keep mane from being rubbed keeping your horses safe from sharp edges
  • Allows horses to move the hay around, eating evenly through the toughest bale
  • Robust manufacturing to withstand the harsh winter environments
  • Efficiency (85-95%) that should pay for a feeder in the first year
  • Rod and chain design allows for infinite hay restriction along with robust strength
  • Heavy 14 gauge sheet metal that doesn’t break from a horse’s kick, or bale spear
  • Bale is supported off the ground preventing mold and mildew from growing


  • 8’ diameter, 7’ in height
  • 16” openings with 47” of vertical height
  • Cone rods lengthened at 6’ to allow horse to eat at head level
  • 7’ of chain to adjust bale height and feed restriction
  • Weight: 645 lbs fabricated with 14-gauge steel
  • 1/4“ Grade 30 proof coil chain, #1250 working load
  • American made with steel melted and modeled from America
  • The bottom band is 2 ft tall, the uprights are 4 ft tall and the top band is 1 ft tall, making the unit 7 ft tall overall.
  • The openings are spaced ~15 inches apart from each other.