Calf standing in Calf Catcher by Hay Manager

Calf Catcher


  • 8 years of product testing and consistent design improvement.
  • Open bar design to keep calves in sight (and smell) of cattle.
  • Capacity to carry multiple calves at once.


  • Square tube frame
  • Mesh floor
  • Slam latch
  • 4.5′ x 5.5′ cage

This tool helps to save lives of both humans and calves, and hopefully prevent a trip to the hospital. After being rolled end-over-end by an upset cow, we decided to prevent it from ever happening to us again.

The design is built to help the calf be transported to a proper nursery or warming hut and hooks on by quick attach or 3-point. This calf-catcher can be attached to any loader, skid steer, or 3 point hitch and you can specify your attachment.

This is not designed to chase after the calf. It can be used to move a cold or sick calf that needs help while keeping its mother at ease, hopefully minimizing the need to be over protective* by keeping it safe and in sight.

How does it work? By setting the 4ft by 5ft box over the calf and stepping onto the raised floor, you can open the 2 false-hinged doors in the floor, and the calf can be raised and enter through the larger door. The opposite door can be closed and you can work on the calf there or take it to a nursery or warming hut for additional care.

An additional door on the front allows a calf to be released or removed to another location. This door can be released from the back of the cage by pull of a cable.

*We have had 2 instances of cattle pushing into the cage and trying to get over top.