Why Feed Sheep with Cone Feeders?

Why Feed Sheep with Cone Feeders?

Feeding Sheep with Cone Feeders

Farmers learned a long time ago that just dumping hay on the ground for livestock feed was not a good distribution of raw material for the animals, especially the hay at the bottom of the pile. By the time the animals had gotten to it, the hay was decomposing, and the animals would avoid it. No surprise, the hay ends up being wasted. Now that many farmers have to buy hay for supply, that becomes a real operating cost to the farm. Fortunately, it”s one that can be avoided as well.

Solving the Rot Problem

With a round bale feeder sheep can access all the hay without decomposition kicking in. Because air is able to circulate around all of the hay, the moisture doesn”t build up in the hay feeders, and the animals finish it off. That makes for a far more efficient consumption of supply and reduces operating costs associated with waste and loss.


Sheep aren”t the smartest creatures out there, but even they often understand the nature of the hay bale very quickly and, since it has a round shape, most of the animals can get access to the food right away without issue. The durability of the round bale feeder also ensures that it can last for years and years without problem, no matter how rough the animals get or how often it is transported to different parts of the farm.

A Smart Choice in Drought Times

There is no question that the price of hay is going up. More and more hay-producing farms are finding the drought is limiting their supply. Farmers themselves are also running out of home supplies as well that would otherwise grow on home ranges when times are wetter. So the loss of hay to ground rot is simply not acceptable anymore.

Kick Start Your Farm”s Efficiency

So if your farm is expanding the number of sheep on your plot to a point that regular supplies of hay need to be brought in by the bale, don”t waste that valuable resource by letting it rot, sitting on the ground. That”s practically throwing away hard-earned money that can be used elsewhere on the farm. Instead, take advantage of the features and benefits of cone feeders. They can be used for sheep, cattle, goats, and even horses. Any animal that relies on hay as a food staple can benefit from the equipment without a problem.