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While cattle prices continue to experience high records, drought and expenses make it more important than ever to invest in quality, hassle free equipment. Equipment that does what it is supposed to do and lasts.

The AmeriAg Mineral Feeder works and lasts.
  • Weather Proof - The overhang and side opening design prevent mineral waste from rain, wind and snow. Easily pays for itself in prevented wasted mineral.
  • Economical and dependable fly control - Overhang design works great with fly bullets and insecticide for a dependable economical method of controlling face files and pinkeye.
  • Spill Proof and Durable - when used with a scrap semi tire, the feeder is virtually impossible to turn over. Even by mature bulls. The thick polyethylene construction with built in UV inhibitors has a life epectancy of 20 years.
  • Economical - Priced competitively and in most cases less than other brands of feeders that will not last as long. On average the price of the feeder is less than 8 bags of mineral.
  • No Parts to Replace - The simple, yet rugged design has no parts to wear or break resulting in no repair hassles. You have cattle to raise, not be a mineral feeder repairman. many other feeders have replacement parts that can cost as much as 75% of the original purchase price. Ours has none.
  • Portable - The most portable feeder on the market which makes it great for rotational / management intensive grazing (MIG) and Mob grazing systems.
  • High Capacity and Versatility - Holds up to 250lbs of loose mineral. Feeder can be accessed by all sizes and ages of livestock. From 3 week old calves to mature bulls

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Batt Latch

Batt-latch Gate Release Timer

We're proud to offer the Batt Latch product, the world only portable solor-powered, automatic gate release timer. Pre-programmed by the farmer, it can be used on any gate system and is particullarly suited to livestock owners with feed pads, feed breaks or supplementary feeding areas.

  • Reduces time & labor, lameness and herd stress, plugging, petrol and running costs.
  • Releases the herd/animal to the feed pad or break area at any hour of the day or night.
  • Also used for remote applications on runoffs, split herd timing and holding back the herd.
  • Rugged, dependable and simple to use and can be in corporated into all livestock operations.

  • For USA warranty, repair/service work contact:

    MSF FARM LLC (22538 HWY Y, Linneus, MO 64653; 660-895-5258)is the USA BRANCH for warranty, repair/service work and all other support for all MSF FARM/NOVEL Products.

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